Our Craftsmen

Conceived in the year 2020, Shop Mistry is essentially a pandemic label. As a result, it has a unique expertise in overcoming adversities, being resilient and emerging triumphant in an ever-changing market. Started with the vision to expand from an existing family-owned business, Shop Mistry has managed to carve out an independent place for itself in the Indian Fashion and Lifestyle space. With their impeccable, eccentric and exclusive silhouettes, Mistry bags are now identified from miles away, and are exponentially becoming a household favourite. 

Growing up, we'd often heard our role models tell us that, "Being born with privilege isn't something to be applauded for, what you choose to do with that privilege, may be". And this struck a chord with us. We chose to make a positive difference in the lives of our beloved artisans, and lend a helping hand in making the planet a better place. 

Mistry has adopted ethical ways of production and sustenance ever since its inception. For starters, the label works with only top grain leather. This is ethically sourced from large industries from their 'deadstock' quantities. This reclamation not only helps divert waste, but also gives the leather a new life - thus resulting in production of the most unique bags in small batches. 

The most stunning prints and never-seen-before surface treatments are experimented on leather at our workshops, and only the best make their way to you. Both Mistry silhouettes and surfaces coalesce into creating an everlasting leather keepsake for you, and this is orchestrated by our team of incredible craftsmen.

Our craftsmen, are our superstars. They are our supremely talented artisans, who single-handedly handcraft each ensemble, and make for the warmest Instagram content! Each Mistry bag is single-artisan made and they are the very soul of our pieces. All details are added by hand as well, like a little sparkle dust for the magic they create! 

As Christmas nears and we all get into the mood for merry making and holiday cheer, this is an ode to our army of elves who handcraft each gift with utmost care. There's nobody else we'd rather do this with! 

- Sanandita Ghanty, December 2022