Selena Glare Mini

Mistry's Selena in Glare is a limited edition bag, it is 9' inches in size and comes with an option to customize the bag's hand strap matching to your mood. Jazz up your wardrobe with our exclusively handcrafted crescent moon.

Swipe to see all the straps available with the bag.  

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While we take inspiration from the modern Indian and play with different shapes and styles , our core lies in creating utilitarian designs. We wish to keep a good  balance between functionality and style.

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Leather care

Leather Bags require proper care and when handled correctly, will last for decades in mint condition, ready to elevate your outfit instantly. Follow Mistry’s Golden Rules of Leather Care to easily get on top of this seemingly herculean task.

Store leather in muslin cloth provided with each bag by Mistry and if the muslin bag is lost buy a muslin fabric and continue to store your bag wrapped up in the fabric after each use.
Don’t expose your leather to direct sunlight while in storage.
Gently wipe your leather with a dry cloth to remove the dust particles after outdoor use.
Keep your leather away from damp or moist environments.
Never fold leather, always roll it to prevent creases and preserve its smooth appearance