About us

MISTRY is a young, home-grown label that started out with the intention to expand from an existing family-run business, into an independent authority in the fashion accessories space.

We are a brand that is proudly Indian in its entirety. All of our raw materials are produced and sourced in India, and every bag is handcrafted and is single-artisan made.

Bearing a strong focus on geometry & elements of modern design, our bags are crafted from an assortment of leathers sourced from large leather factories. It is this repurposing of industry off-cuts that allows us to work with a variety of leather finishes that each lend a unique aesthetic to the product.

Since our inception in 2020, we have received features in India’s largest editorial publications, including Vogue, Grazia and Bazaar. Our goal is to build on this growth in a sustainable manner, and to shape MISTRY into a household name.
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